Bone Grafting

Surgical Dental Bone Grafting

When do I need a Bone Graft?

  • I have lost bone due to severe periodontal disease around teeth.
  • I don’t have enough bone height or width to support a dental implant.
  • I want to preserve the ridge after my tooth is extracted.

Dr. Blaisdell can replace lost bone with a synthetic or natural substitute which will help bone regenerate. Grafting helps build a solid foundation for the implants. Graft surgery can build up bone or gum tissue in an area where it’s lacking. It can also replace bone and gum tissue due to disease or trauma. In addition to initially improving the quality of bone, the bone graft will encourage your body to generate new bone of its own. The new bone strengthens the grafted area by creating a bridge between the graft material and the existing bone. Over time, the naturally-formed bone will replace the grafted material.

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