Jonathan Morgan, DDS

Dr. Morgan provides Bioclear, dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, clear aligners, general dentistry, extractions and wisdom teeth. He is accepting new patients.

Typically, these bios contain a history of schooling and hobbies. While that information may be interesting, I would prefer to make a connection through sharing why I am passionate about dentistry. I know that it can be hard to choose a new dentist. Let me tell you why I am different and why it matters that you trust me to help you maintain optimal oral health.

I did not take the typical path to dentistry. Originally, I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to create beauty that would inspire and question the way people look at the world. Because of the demands of family life, I felt a need to pursue something else, something that was a little more predictable. After serious research and shadowing, I finally made the decision to pursue dentistry. That decision could not have been more perfect for me. I never understood how the hand skills gained through art could translate to dentistry, and I approach every procedure that I perform with these skills.

Even the smallest filling should be looked at as its own masterpiece. While I still sculpt and find fulfillment in the art I produce, the greatest artwork I have been able to create are some of the teeth I have been able to rehabilitate. I take pride in the smiles I have been able to transform and the lives I have been able to change.

One of the biggest tragedies I see is peopleā€™s dental anxiety. While dentistry has changed significantly in recent history, many people I see have lingering bad memories from past experiences with dentists. I have two children with disabilities. Society calls them disabilities, but I see them more as opportunities to learn and grow. One son has autism, which makes him acutely sensitive to everything. Those challenges have allowed me to see things in a more personal way. Helping him with his dental care has improved my ability to treat all my patients. Anesthetic may not seem like a big deal to some people. I treat it like it is a big deal to everyone. The biggest compliment I can receive is that my patient did not feel the shot. The biggest win I can experience in a day is to hear that someone was petrified of the dentist and I was able to make that experience less scary. I feel it is my responsibility to be the kindest, gentlest care giver when you show the trust in me to help you with an issue that you cannot solve yourself.

My commitment to you is to provide the most current, most technologically advanced and highest quality dentistry you can receive. We get one body and 32 teeth. As we learn more, we find out how critical the health of our mouth is to our overall health. Because of that fact, I cannot compromise my care based on what your insurance is willing to pay. We have conflicting views on what is best for you. They want to make as much money as they can with little regard for your health. I want to provide optimal health, and yes, I get paid for it; for me to be the best I can be, I need the best education and most current technology to do that. I realize that this point is not addressed enough. It is expected that the best care will be given.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and dentists compromise quality for quantity to try to close the gap in earnings. I will treat you like a human being rather than a number. I will advise you of options and their benefits and disadvantages. You are the most important part of your treatment.

Lastly, I am humbled by the people I get to serve. I love what I do. I am passionate about beautiful and healthy teeth. I hope that I have conveyed that.

Ultimately, I want to leave a positive impression on as many people as I can. I hope that if you have taken the time to read this that you are that next person.

Mark Blaisdell, DDS

Dr. Blaisdell provides general dentistry, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental implants and extractions. He is not accepting new patients.

Dr. Blaisdell graduated from Brigham Young University in 1976 with a degree in zoology. He then moved to San Francisco, California, to complete his professional training at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. He received his dental degree in 1981 and moved to Bountiful, Utah, to start his dental practice. Dr. Blaisdell has been a member of the American Dental AssociationĀ® during his entire career and served in many leadership positions. He has been the president of the Utah Dental Association and a delegate to the American Dental Association representing Utah. He has also served on the Council of Dental Benefits and Practice in Chicago at the American Dental Association headquarters. Dr. Blaisdell currently serves as president of the Utah Chapter of American College of Dentists and is a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, which is a fraternity for dentists who have served and promoted ethics in the dental profession.

Dr. Blaisdell has enjoyed practicing in Bountiful throughout the years and counts it a great blessing to go to work to see his friends. He loves people and helping them keep and maintain their smiles. His commitment to excellence in dental techniques and restorative and cosmetic dentistry makes him the type of dentist that patients enjoy and makes him stand out amongst the best.

Tyson Bishop, DMD

Dr. Bishop provides anterior root canals, dental crowns, dental implants, general dentistry, extractions, wisdom teeth and dental veneers. He is accepting new patients.

I am so excited to be a part of the MVP Dental team! I was raised in Utah where I found a deep love for family, the outdoors, and community. I completed my college education and dental school in Utah, then completed the NYU Langone Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency. I have seen what an amazing place Utah is to live, work, and play while raising my family here.

My favorite part about practicing dentistry is interacting with patients and team members. Finding connections as I talk with people is one of my greatest joys in life. In doing so, we share a bit of ourselves and both come away better for it. It is my goal as a dentist to deepen that connection by supporting health, eliminating pain, and improving the quality of life for the people around me. I am committed to treating the patients of MVP Dental with gentleness, excellence, and compassion. I hope to see you soon!