What Is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a cutting edge, conservative dental technique in which a dental composite is fully wrapped around a damaged tooth to create a tooth-colored filling that can restore and strengthen the tooth. Bioclear is an innovative technique that can provide you with more aesthetic results than the traditional filling methods typically used in dentistry. Bioclear offers not only beautiful results, but treatment at a more affordable price. You may wonder if the technique and materials used in dental fillings can make that big of a difference. We can assure you it makes all the difference.

Instead of restorations that leak all the time, Bioclear wraps around and strengthens the tooth. It maximizes the advantages of tooth-colored fillings, as opposed to old, silver amalgam fillings that detract from your smile’s appearance instead of enhancing it. Do you have a filling that packs food in between your teeth? That usually happens because of these old techniques. Bioclear allows the dentist to shape and rebuild the tooth to its original shape to prevent this problem.

Why Choose Bioclear?

Is it possible that the way that dentistry has been done for years will fall apart or lead to more innovative dentistry in the future? The answer is emphatically yes! Dentistry in general currently relies mostly on techniques that have been around for more than 100 years. Can you imagine signing up for anything health-related that is that antiquated? To this point in time, dentistry has been focused on the healing and prevention of disease. Very little, if any, consideration has been given to the engineering and conservation of tooth structure.

Thanks to Bioclear, we have alternative treatments that we can now offer our patients. Treatments that allow us to use the most modern materials to preserve tooth structure.

Treat Cracked or Broken Teeth

One example of what makes Bioclear so different is in how it can be used to treat cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Traditionally, dental crowns have been used to try to strengthen and increase the longevity of a tooth. Unfortunately, to place a crown, about 75% of the natural crown form is removed. Some of the consequences of such aggressive treatment is the potential for a nerve to die or the remaining tooth structure to break. Bioclear preserves all of your original, healthy tooth structure and rejuvenates the tooth. Additionally, when completed, a Bioclear restoration does not have a seam. That means bacteria won’t have an area they can easily contaminate. This means your gums will be healthier and your teeth will be less likely to decay.

Bioclear offers beautiful solutions to cosmetic issues. It is purely augmentative. Instead of destroying teeth to create veneers, Bioclear can change the shape, color and size of the tooth to give you fantastic aesthetic result.

One more problem that we commonly see with traditional dental treatments is black triangles, or dark spaces between the teeth where the gums have receded. Sometimes this problem is created by orthodontics. Imagine going through braces to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of just to see the ugly dark triangles between your teeth. Bioclear can fill in and restore those teeth gaps, giving your smile a more youthful appearance.

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If you want the very best that dentistry has to offer, make sure to look into Bioclear, and take the time to find out if your dentist is Bioclear-certified, as there is extensive training that the dentist will need in order to give you the care that you deserve. Do not compromise your teeth with anything less than Bioclear.

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Bioclear Overlay
A Bioclear overlay is a dental composite wrapped around a tooth using special mold to fashion a fully-functional, beautiful tooth. The service uses injected heated composites as an alternative to traditional dental bonding, veneers or crowns.

Bioclear Root Overlay
A Bioclear root overlay is a treatment that rejuvenates lost tooth structure on a root’s surface to prevent root cavities or root sensitivity.

Bioclear Diastema Closure
Bioclear diastema closure is a procedure used when trying to fix gaps and spaces between teeth. We use material that shrink wraps the tooth and changes the size, shape and even color of the tooth to give your smile a more cosmetic appearance.

Bioclear Black Triangle
Bioclear black triangle treatment is a solution to the problem of gum recession, where gum tissue is lost and then black triangles appear between teeth. The process eliminates those black triangles by augmenting the teeth, creating a more natural appearance to the teeth that is also easier to clean and maintain.